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Canftech’s water-purifying solutions connect the dots between climate change, water scarcity, energy shortages, and global health. We are put together to respond, supply and develop solutions in the most regulated industries through high-quality resin beads and reverse osmosis membrane sheets/elements. Here at Canftech we value and guard every drop of water with our technically trained and socially responsible team leading our customers to what suits their challenges best.

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We provide flat sheet Ultrafiltration membranes for all membrane types that are currently available. These types of membranes have the ability to reject large macromolecules and proteins and are widely applied throughout the dairy, food & beverage, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries.

Featured Products:

8080 Series / 4040 Series​

flat sheet membrane

Membrane Flat Sheet

Canftech Polyamide Flat Sheet Membrane has been created in various forms to produce home and industrial RO membranes that function with both tap and brackish water.

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