Canada Future Technology

Canftech provides a variety of ion exchange resins, including strong acid
exchange resin and weak acid exchange resin, which are widely used in water
treatment, metals recovery, pharmaceutical, sugar and oil industries.

Since 1996

Proudly from CANADA

Vancouver - BC

Simplicity is the ultimate
sophistication trend.

For a variety of uses, including chromatographic separation, diagnostics, nanoparticle milling, APIs, and biocatalysis, we offer cutting-edge solutions. These resins are addressing significant issues in the worldwide pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and medical device industries. Canftech resins are at the top of the worldwide Healthcare and Life Sciences industry thanks to our unmatched technical support, regulatory experience, and dedication to supply security.


Ion Exchange Resin

ion exchange resin chelating

Canftech is wholly devoted to environmental responsibility and feels that it has a responsibility to track and enhance environmental performance throughout the product’s development, production, and distribution processes. In order to provide long-term, sustainable business operations that use resources wisely and reduce negative environmental impact, Canftech has developed a framework.


Canftech strives to integrate environmental management into its fundamental values and keeps delivering cutting-edge, socially responsible solutions to its global clients and stakeholders.